MRCA Photovoltaic (PV) Project

Thermocouple Readings

Below are live thermocouple readings from the Manhattan, Kansas location. These readings are being recored in a daily data file for later analysis. The Type T thermocouples are located in the field of each membrane panel and centered under a PV panel on the same membrane panel. As seen below the sensor locations are duplicated on the East and West slopes. Channels 28 - 32 are situated as stated, on a white TPO membrane in a straight line starting 4 inches outside the PV and placed every two inches till they are under the PV. This is to study the thermal gradient that is generated at this material transition. Data for the thermocouples and the weather data are collected by the data logging computer at a user selectable rate. Currently, the system is collecting data every 5 seconds. However, to conserve bandwidth we are uploading “live” data every 5 minutes. This web browser page will automatically refresh every 5 minutes as well. It is the currently the intent of the MRCA to make the daily data sets available to MRCA members via an FTP site.

MRCA PV Test Bed - KS.lvproj/My Computer/SRI

Weather Readings

Below is live Weather data from the Manhattan, Kansas site. There is a hard wired weather station installed and collecting weather data for temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation etc. The weather station is saving the data on the same computer as the thermocouples, both saved against the same system clock for synchronous data.

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